Oxford welcomes spring cleaning

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Oxford welcomes spring cleaning

A one-off Spring Cleaning event is set to clean the streets of Oxford this year.

OxClean, an initiative of the Oxford Civic Society, is hoping the event on March 4th and March 5th will encourage businesses in the city to also look at their commercial cleaning services and improve the local environment, reported the Oxford Student Newspaper.

Vernon Porter, a spokesman for OxClean, described the aim of the campaign as “mobilising citizens to clean up our City.”

He added: “This provides a great opportunity for people to meet each other and do something for their area. It also reminds us how good places can look if they are tidy. Finally it reminds politicians, traders and others that we care about litter and expect them to effect improvements.”

Last year’s one-off spring cleaning was a successful event, with a total of 10,000kgs of litter collected by 1,700 volunteers. While OxClean has also coordinated 270 litter pickers to a number of local community groups.

Meanwhile, Oxford City Council is continuing with its policy of fining people who drop litter, which was introduced in November 2009.

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