One off spring cleaning is

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 One off spring cleaning is

People often underestimate the importance of domestic cleaning once spring comes around.

However, one blogger in the US has suggested that once the sun starts to shine on a house, the dirt and dust accumulated during the winter months begins to stand out.

Amy Lamperti wrote in her blog on that Spring Cleaning is an essential way of marking the start of the warmer weather and can be made easier by following a series of simple steps.

“Always start from the top and work your way down. Do the ceiling fans and cobwebs in the corners first and then the surfaces of the furniture,” she advised.

Ms Lamperti is also an advocate of more traditional cleaning solutions, rather than new-fangled products.

She added that using a bucket of soapy water may be old-fashioned, but it is no less effective and vinegar is also a useful substance for sprucing up worktops and glass.

The importance of having a spring clean was also highlighted by expert Aggie MacKenzie, who recently told the Kirkintilloch Herald that neglecting the duty could lead to an influx of unwanted pests in the summer months.

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