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A new mopping system has been launched onto the market with the promise of helping Commercial Cleaning professionals reduce bacteria levels.

The so-called “supermop” from JLA features microfibres infused with ozone – a natural and powerful disinfectant – which the company says eliminates bacteria more effectively than traditional mops, reports HES Magazine.

Ozone is said to be up to 3,200 times more effective than chlorine bleach and has been proven in trials to kill off healthcare-associated infections such as MRSA and C.Difficile.

One of the first hospitals to use the mop is the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in Scotland, whose contract cleaning staff are employing the system to reduce infection rates in wards.

Soft services manager Charles Neilson said of the mops: “The machine makes the ozone soluble by defusing it into the cold water in the drum.

“The used ozone then quickly reverts back to oxygen. The mop heads, which are by this time 100 per cent free of bacteria, are then removed and dried ready for use again.”

Mr Neilson added that because the mops are more effective than ordinary chemical solutions, they are less harmful to patients, staff and the environment.

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