New commercial window cleaning system launched

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New commercial window cleaning system launched

A new commercial window cleaning system could appeal to high-rise building owners.

Construction News reported that the Sky Pro Window Cleaning System offers a relatively inexpensive way to clean windows and frames of large buildings by using a special dual fan option.

The fan system is ideal for those properties that have more than 30 floors and are subject to windy conditions as it is designed so that the window cleaning equipment can ‘hug’ the building to produce better results.

Although it varies depending on mode, the Sky Pro System can clean windows at around 17,000 to 35,000 square feet per hour. The manufacturers claim that the system also has a number of safety advantages over standard window cleaning operations as there is no manual scaffolding or chair window cleaning equipment used.

The Sky Pro System is used to clean windows of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas as well as buildings across New York City.

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