Many contract cleaning firms reject animal testing

Many contract cleaning firms reject animal testing

Many Cleaning Companies across the UK have developed a green ideology and only use products that are not harmful to the environment.

Even more domestic cleaners pull out all the stops to avoid using substances that have had some of their ingredients tested on animals.

According to Female First, this not only rings true in the cleaning product market, but also among women who use cosmetics.

The magazine pointed out that many firms now refuse to test their merchandise on creatures such as cats, dogs or guinea pigs and this approach appears favourable among animal-loving Britons.

Indeed, the publication stated that the population’s fondness for pets is forcing manufacturers to reconsider when they try to pilot new ranges on animals to ensure they are not harmful to human beings.

Despite this, the threat of law suits being upheld against firms by people who have been adversely affected by their products means some companies still partake in animal testing.

The BBC has suggested there are better ways for the components used in cleaning products or new medical treatments to be tested.

It said modern technology should allow trials to be done via computers, or by using cells rather than animals.

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