London Underground contract cleaners win pay rise

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London Underground contract cleaners win pay rise

All contract cleaners working for London Underground are now to be paid the London Living Wage, it has emerged.

Transport for London, which operates the London tube network, announced that commercial cleaning staff working on its premises will be paid £7.85 per hour, backdated to July 1st.

A spokesman for the company told BBC News that London Underground is committed to paying the minimum London Living Wage to all its employees in accordance with government regulations.

“This reflects the mayor’s campaign to encourage organisations to pay a fairer wage to those working in the capital,” he said.

Rail, Maritime and Transport Union general secretary Bob Crow said the decision to pay contract cleaning workers the London Living Wage is a “tribute to the solidarity, bravery and resilience of our members and their reps” and would come as a positive development for other low paid workers across London.

Mr Crow added that the outcome reveals what can be achieved when people join a union, get organised and stand up to fight for the rights guaranteed to them by law.

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