Legislation means most UK cleaning products are already green, says expert

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Legislation means most UK cleaning products are already green, says expert

Products used by Domestic Cleaners in the UK are generally fairly environmentally friendly as legislation requires them to be, it has been claimed.

According to Philip Malpass, director general of UK Cleaning Products Industry Association, most products also strive to be eco-friendly as it usually means higher sales.

He was commenting following the announcement of California’s Green Chemistry Initiative, which means that from next year, companies selling products in the state will be required to identify specific chemicals in those products and reduce or eliminate any that are harmful.

“The challenge looking forward is that products are at a pretty good place from an environmental point of view, partly because legislation says so, partly because companies see a commercial reason to do it, so in terms of saving money and doing things well,” he said.

However, Mr Malpass said that there are things consumers can do to help the environment.

“That would be things like when you do laundry have a full washing machine instead of half a washing machine, turning the temperature down makes a lot of sense energy usage wise, and thirdly making sure you use the right dosage of detergent,” he commented.

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