Kylie enjoys domestic cleaning

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Kylie enjoys domestic cleaning

Pop star Kylie Minogue has revealed that she likes to indulge in a spot of domestic cleaning.

The Australian singer explained she enjoys spending time washing dishes just as much as performing in front of large stadium audiences.

Kylie has been dating her Spanish boyfriend, 33-year-old model Andres Velencoso, since 2008 and could make the perfect housewife.

“I love washing dishes – that was a lovely, special family moment, but I also love being up there on stage, feeling that incredible energy from my fans,” explained Kylie.

She added: “The first time I met Andres’ family I did the dishes after dinner. I really got stuck straight in.”

It seems hard to imagine the petite star in an apron doing the washing & ironing when she seems more familiar in gold hot pants or stunning theatrical costumes.

Kylie Minogue is currently on a world tour, which includes dates in Japan, Las Vegas, London and Milan.

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