Isle of Man to cut contract cleaning spending

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Isle of Man to cut contract cleaning spending

The Isle of Man government has announced plans to reduce its budget for Contract Cleaning services.

Infrastructure minister Phil Gawne revealed that in order to reduce government spending, cuts will have to be implemented in street cleaning, reports IOM Today.

Mr Gawne announced that he has set up working groups to review his department to make sure the delivery of local services is more efficient and effective.

The cuts in commercial cleaning services are expected to help ministers cut their budget expenditure by ten per cent as they try to guide the country to full fiscal recovery after the economic downturn.

Member of the House of Keys Graham Cregeen pointed out that the Isle of Man possibly does not have to clean the streets as much as it has been doing.

He added that an island-wide waste collection strategy and more online government services are being looked at by the working groups.

However, the decision has been met with criticism by some local residents, who believe that a reduction in contract cleaning services could result in an increase in vermin in the area.

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