How to remove tough stains from carpets and rugs

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How to remove tough stains from carpets and rugs

Carpet stains are among life’s many inevitabilities. Whether it be during a party or just in the course of normal day-to-day life, wine spills, coffee stains and muddy footprints are unavoidable.

This is why it is important to know the crucial steps that must be taken when a spill occurs, as the right Carpet Cleaning techniques are essential to prevent stains from setting and permanently ruining good carpets.

When a carpet or rug becomes stained, the first step is to determine what material it is actually made of, as this will dictate the cleaning procedure that will follow. Using the wrong techniques or cleaning solutions could result in unnecessary damage.

If a carpet or rug is made from wool, heated products and bleach should be avoided at all costs as the consequences of using these items will be disastrous.

Similarly, woollen rugs need delicate and attentive care, so avoid all harsh chemicals and very high temperatures.

Those who are unsure of which steps to take and are worried about damaging their possessions should contact London rug cleaning experts, who will be able to provide expert advice about which techniques are most appropriate for certain fabrics and materials.

After determining the material, proceed to clean the carpet using a cleaning product that breaks down dirt, extracts excess build up and kills germs and bacteria.

London carpet cleaners provide a range of thorough services designed to preserve delicate materials and kill bacteria.

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