How to clean kitchen tiles

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How to clean kitchen tiles

When it comes to Domestic Cleaning, many people find the kitchen one of the most challenging places to tackle due to the preponderance of tough greasy food stains and hard-to-remove grime.

However, eliminating stubborn stains from kitchen tiles need not be an insurmountable task if a few simple pointers are heeded.

According to eHow’s Jonathan McLelland, as with regular cleaning, all that is needed to remove stains from kitchen tiles is a damp mop or cloth, which should be gently moved across the tile’s surface using a good cleaning solution.

London house cleaners can be called upon for homeowners who require further advice about which cleaning solutions are the most effective for stain removal.

Tiles with stains that have set need to be dealt with a little more aggressively. Nylon scrubbing pads and chlorine-free household cleaners can be used to abrasively remove obstinate stains.

The stain should be initially covered in a cleaning solution and left for about 30 seconds to dampen. Then, the tile can be scrubbed in a circular motion until the stain is completely removed.

In order to clean the grout in between tiles, use a toothbrush, along with a non-chlorine cleaner to scrub until the grout is completely clean and stain-free.

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