Householders urged to give their homes complete detox

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Householders urged to give their homes complete detox

Homeowners should take advantage of the upcoming Spring Cleaning season to give their homes a thorough detox, an expert has said.

Home improvement specialist Sylvia Putz, of Home Scape, said homeowners should conduct a comprehensive clearout of their homes to rid their living spaces of harmful toxins and pollutants that could pose a health and safety risk.

Writing in Metro News, she pointed out that if left untreated, toxins could build up and pose an even greater risk.

“Granted, the amounts from any one source may be small, but consider the fact that these toxins accumulate over time and that there are multiple sources in most homes,” Ms Putz said.

“In addition, most homes are tightly closed over the winter to conserve energy, so pollutants can build up – doesn’t sound like a healthy scenario, does it?”

Ms Putz warned that commercial cleaning products could secretly harbour toxins so homeowners could consider making their own effective homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar and baking soda.

Alternatively, they could enlist their services of a local contract cleaning company, which will be able to dispatch staff to give clients’ homes a thorough and professional spring clean.

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