House cleaning injuries decline, new figures show

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House cleaning injuries decline, new figures show

Better designed packaging is reducing the number of incidents involving domestic cleaning products, a new study has found.

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital discovered that early childhood injuries involving household cleaning products such as furniture polish, drain cleaners and oven cleaners have dropped by almost half over the past two decades.

Overall, the number of kids aged from five years and younger treated in emergency departments for household cleaning product-related injuries fell by 46 per cent from 22,141 in 1990 to 11,964 in 2006.

The decline was largely attributed to child-resistant packaging and more effective designs, the researchers found.

However, the survey found that some house cleaning product-related injuries still remain relatively high.

Spray bottles were the most common source of exposure at 40.1 per cent, with the most common mechanism of injury being ingestion. Bleach was also found to be commonly associated with injury (37.1 per cent).

Lara B McKenzie, co-author of the study, told MedPage Today: “The locking mechanism on spray bottles isn’t really child resistant and it may be easy for [children] to manipulate.”

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