House cleaning expert give top tip for a pristine home this autumn

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House cleaning expert give top tip for a pristine home this autumn

Domestic Cleaning expert Donna Smallin has given householders some key tips to get their homes in tip-top condition for the cooler months.

Ms Smallin, author of Cleaning Plain and Simple and The One-Minute Cleaner, pointed out that the autumn is when householders tend to close their windows to conserve heat, and the last thing they want is to be cooped up in a dirty home.

Writing in NTV, she advised homeowners to start by detoxing the bathroom by using “heavy duty” cleaning products to remove layers of soap scum and mildew that may have accumulated in the shower and tub.

While leaving the bathroom window open, homeowners were also urged to spray cleaning solutions inside shower doors, on the walls and on the tile ceiling.

“While your shower virtually cleans itself, take stock of what’s in your medicine cabinet,” Ms Smallin recommended.

“Toss out any old or expired medicines, lotions and makeup. Medications and sunscreens have expiration dates on the bottom – they usually have a shelf life of one or two years.”

House cleaners can also consider using natural products such as lemon juice to remove tough stains.

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