House cleaners drafted to clean Simon Cowell’s luxury Spanish villa

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House cleaners drafted to clean Simon Cowell's luxury Spanish villa

Domestic cleaners have been drafted into the luxury home of X Factor judge Simon Cowell after contestants of the ITV1 talent show trashed the premises.

The aspiring singers caused a significant amount of mess in the £1 million Spanish villa during a stay at the mansion, which is part of the ‘Judges’ Houses’ stage of the programme, reports the Daily Star.

Cowell, 50, was forced to call in house cleaners to clear out the mess caused by the “alcohol-fuelled rampage” at the Marbella residence, during which the singing hopefuls reportedly drank all his beer, ransacked the fridge and damaged an valuable antique rug, according to X Factor inside sources.

Insiders also claim that Cowell has said that the contestants will have to pay for the damage and cleaning costs out of their first royalty cheques.

“Yes, they did wake me up,” Cowell told the Daily Star. “Any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it, to teach them a lesson.”

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