Homeowners may need spring cleaning

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Homeowners may need spring cleaning

An increasing number of homeowners across the UK could be regularly using Spring Cleaning specialists to spruce up rooms that are being rented out.

Recent figures compiled by Santander Mortgages have suggested that as many as one in ten people hire out rooms in their abodes to lodgers.

The ‘rent-a-room’ craze is said to claw in £3.9 billion per year, which works out at an average of £182 per month for savvy homeowners.

More households may be tempted to give their spare rooms a spring clean and use them to make some extra money, as Santander Mortgages believes there is potential for £52 billion of income from the sector.

The south-west of England was found to be the most embracing of the rent-a-room concept, with 14 per cent taking it up, while the East Midlands was deemed the least responsive.

“It’s interesting to see that so many Brits are weathering the economic storm and showing such entrepreneurial spirit by renting out spare rooms in their home,” commented director of Santander Mortgages Phil Cliff.

Recently, it was announced that many people in London may rent out their rooms to tennis fans while Wimbledon takes place.

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