Homeowner faces large scale domestic cleaning task

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Homeowner faces large scale domestic cleaning task

The owner of a London house is facing a major spring cleaning season after squatters finally moved out.

John Hamilton-Brown told the Daily Mail that in just six weeks that the squatters occupied the £1 million house, it has been transformed into a rubbish tip.

He purchased the five-bedroom house in Archway, north London in December and was planning to begin renovations to turn it into a dream house for his wife and two young children.

However, he now faces paying out for end of tenancy cleaning despite the group of squatters never paying any rent and removing locks to take up occupation in the house.

Mr Hamilton-Brown explained: “With legal costs and cleaning costs the bill will be in the thousands. I am entirely innocent in this episode and I’m the one who has suffered most.

“We have suffered financially and it has caused stress to the family – and also from the delays to our renovation.”

Meanwhile, squatters have moved into a flat above the Royal Bank of Scotland in West Didsbury, Manchester to highlight opposition to bankers’ bonuses.

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