Highways Agency launches cleaning drive

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Highways Agency launches cleaning drive

The Highways Agency has launched a cleaning drive aimed at encouraging people to reduce the amount of litter they produce. As part of the Bag It! Bin It! campaign, drivers will be called on to make greater use of public bins or carry their own bags with them to use for rubbish instead of throwing used items out of their windows and into the motorway. The initiative is aimed at improving general cleanliness across Britain’s roads and reducing health and safety hazards. Litter on the roads can increase the risk of floods and can pose a threat to the environment and wildlife. Increased rubbish can also use up the Highways Agency valuable contract cleaning resources that could be directed towards other important work. Derek Turner, network director at the Highways Agency, said: “Litter is not only unsightly, but we spend public money on clearing it, which could be far better used on keeping our roads safe and in good condition.” The Bag It! Bin It! scheme was first launched back in 2007 with the aim of tackling litter problems across England’s transportation network. The campaign is supported by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Posted by Ivan Rancic


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