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Professional carpet cleaners London will tell you that regular maintenance and prevention is the first place to start for keeping your carpet looking clean and fresh and in order to keep your family in a good health. Next they will say that treating a stain or spot immediately will increase your chance of being able to remove it completely. Follow the expert’s advice and it will make your carpet cleaning experience a lot easier and effective.

Areas that have higher foot traffic should be done at least twice a week. Regular vacuuming helps prevent buildup deep down in the fibers of your carpet and can dramatically increase the carpet’s life. Carpet Cleaners London suggest vacuuming all carpets and rugs in a home at least once a week.They say it’s a good idea to use the tools that come with your vacuum to clean base boards or hard to reach areas every few weeks to get rid of harmful particles. Depending on how thick and plush your carpet is, adjust the settings on your vacuum accordingly, and go back and forth over the same areas in different directions to insure all debris has been picked up. Do not rush, and move slowly, allowing the vacuum to create maximum suction to pick up all materials left behind. Change your vacuum’s bag often, and add baking soda from time to time to get rid of foul odors.

Treating a spill or stain immediately is the most important rule when cleaning up messes. Many carpet cleaners in London have offered a few tips to make getting rid of stains easier. First, they say to never harshly rub your carpet, especially if it is wet. This can push the stain further into the fibers and damage the carpets structure. Next, they say to get a thick, dry towel and press it into the wet stain and hold it there for a while, letting the wet stain soak into and transfer onto the towel. Now that you have removed as much as the stain as possible, you can use a spot cleaning solution to treat the area. There are many bottled carpet cleaners London to choose from, so choose a stain remover that best fits the description of your specific spill and follow the directions on the bottle. Spot check a small area on your carpet first to make sure your carpet can handle the solution without staining.

As you can see if you follow these easy and useful tips, your carpet’s life can increase dramatically and your carpet will be transformed into a brand new fresh looking carpet. These stress-free tips are not hard to do if you want to have a germ free carpet, and if you want to improve your family’s health. If you follow these steps you will stay on top of carpet maintenance and if you act quickly when a spill or stain happens, your carpet will look and feel perfect. If you need someone else to do the dirty job for you and if you want your homes to stay looking beautiful then call in cleaning company London.

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