Green domestic cleaning products offer benefits

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Green domestic cleaning products offer benefits

There is a growing trend towards the use of homemade eco-friendly domestic cleaning products, according to a recent article.

Laura Carey, writing for AboutMyArea, explained that many homeowners are opting to make their own domestic cleaning products to reduce toxics in their home and ensure their property remains Spring Cleaning fresh.

In particular, some people are growing concerned that although a product is described as green, its packaging may not be as eco-friendly and the transportation involved in distributing the item may outweigh some of the environmental benefits.

Ms Carey explained: “Once you get used to mixing and using your own products you can adjust the strengths to suit particular cleaning jobs so you get the result you want first time.

“You can also clean faster as you don’t have to worry about rinsing off strong bleaches and toxic cleaners after use.”

Earlier this month, firefighters in Oxfordshire had to rescue two adults and a child in Clare after two cleaning products were mixed together and created a toxic chlorine gas.

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