German teen has party crashed by 1,600

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 German teen has party crashed by 1,600

A German teenager is likely to be in need of professional after party cleaning after her birthday celebrations were accidentally made public on Facebook.

The girl, who was celebrating her 16th birthday, had 1,600 uninvited guests turn up at her home – many of whom brought presents and cakes.

This was just over a tenth of the 15,000 Facebook users that said they were going to show up at the party.

According to the Metro, the party was a relatively peaceful affair, but 100 police officers – four of whom were on horseback – were needed to keep the revelry from getting out of hand.

Mirko Streiber, a Hamburg police spokesman, described the party as “sheer insanity” but also claimed that it was a big hit with party-goers.

Despite the good natured guests, it is likely that the girl’s home was in need of a professional cleaning company once the last few guests had returned home.

Last year, a 14-year-old girl from Hertfordshire avoided calling in a professional cleaning company by cancelling her 15th birthday party after 21,000 people said they would show up to the event after it was posted on Facebook.

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