Floor mats

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Floor mats

An expert has urged homeowners to always make use of floor mats to aid their domestic cleaning strategy.

Integrative physician Dr Frank Lipman said homeowners should place their floor mats vertically by entryways for visitors to wipe their shoes, as this allows more dirt and residue from shoes to remain outside on the mat.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Dr Lipman pointed out that homes can be hotbeds of toxins and dangerous bacteria, with the average residence containing between 500 and 1,000 chemicals, many of which people are unable to see, smell or taste.

Keeping toxins brought into the house from outside to a minimum will help reduce health risks and makes House Cleaning easier

“Indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air,” Dr Lipman commented.

“Home insulation, so wonderful for keeping our homes warm in winter and cool in summer, doesn’t allow fresh air in, so we’re constantly breathing in the same stale air.”

He added that taking more care to reduce exposure to both internal and external toxins by detoxing bodies and cleansing living spaces allows the body’s own detoxification to function more efficiently.

A recent Which? study found mobile phones harbour more germs than a toilet seat.

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