Firm unveils new carpet cleaning machine

By December 19, 2011Articles

Homeowners looking for the ultimate Carpet Cleaning machine may be interested in a new product launched by Miele.

The firm has revealed details of its new S6 model, which bosses have labelled the “jewel of all vacuum cleaners”.

It is said to offer users the quietest motor to date, while it also includes various tools to enhance its carpet cleaning performance.

Following on from the successful S2 design, the S6 comes with a rotating roller brush which makes it easier to pick up bits of fluff that have fallen on to the floor.

Designers of the equipment have also promised that the S6 penetrates deeper into the fibre of carpets than many other models, allowing it to eradicate more dirt and it is also said to be capable of sucking up 99.9 per cent of all fine particles in the air.

“Moreover, this “jewel” uses Airclean filter Bags built in such a way to help you easily dispose of debris without releasing harmful particulates and allergens back into the room air,” a company spokesperson noted.

Leaders at Reliable Corporation recently urged carpet cleaning professionals to stop using harmful substances and switch to environmentally-friendly products instead.

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