Experts stress importance of clean attics

By November 28, 2009Articles

Homeowners should vacuum clean their attics and roofs regularly to ensure they remain in pristine condition. According to Planet Green Insulation, people should take some time to explore the forgotten contents of their attics to discover items that could pose a risk to health. The firm stressed that pollution exists is practically every breath of air in cities and built up areas around the world and homes are no exception. Over time, pollution and dust can build up in roof cavities, producing a coating of dust that can be up to 20cm in ol”In most cases the pollution and dust come from home renovations, local industrial pollution and exhaust fumes,” the company explained.

“However, most people do not know that this also contains other harmful contaminants, including mineral fibres, pesticides, chemical pollutants, asbestos, rat, possum and cockroach faeces, as well as dust mites.”

The wide range of harmful waste that can build up in attics means it is essential homeowners carry out comprehensive cleaning regimes or hire the expert services of professional domestic cleaners.

Speaking to the Nantucket Independent, cleaning expert Tom Holden recently said that professional cleaning companies are best placed to carry out domestic chores around the home.

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