Expert highlights benefits of green domestic cleaning techniques

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Expert highlights benefits of green domestic cleaning techniques

An industry figure has extolled the environmental benefits of eco-friendly Domestic Cleaning products.

According to Jonathan Barnett, president of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, many homeowners tend to find that their carpets get dirty during the summer months but instead of using harsh chemical cleaners, they should opt for greener alternatives such as Oxi Fresh products.

Instead of using chemicals and steam which could cause damage to soft furnishings, Oxi Fresh utilises an eco-friendly carpet cleaning system that harnesses the power of oxygen, using pile-lifting technology to raise dirt and oil from the bottom of a carpet pile rather than pushing it further down.

The company claims that Oxi Fresh also uses less water than other products – two gallons compared to 60 gallons used by some other carpet cleaners for one cleaning job.

“Rather than having to deal with chemicals and other carpet cleaning services that mat these dirts and oils deeper into the carpeting fibres, Oxi Fresh is able to simply use oxygen to remove these natural toxins from carpets,” Mr Barnett commented.

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