Expert gives tips for removing bed bugs

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Expert gives tips for removing bed bugs

An expert has given a few top tips to domestic cleaners keen on ridding their mattresses of bed bugs.

Olivia Emisar pointed out that there are various natural and non-toxic remedies house cleaners can use to cleanse their beds of unwanted visitors.

Writing on the Helium website, she explained that when an infestation occurs, house cleaners will have to disinfect the whole room, not just the bed.

Ms Emisar pointed out that as tempting as it is to move everything out of the room to conduct a thorough cleaning, this is not necessary, as a room can still be effectively disinfected with furniture kept in situ.

“You will need a spray bottle containing full strength alcohol or vinegar, a wire brush [and] plastic mattress covers that encase the mattress,” she advised.

“You will also need a powerful vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a clear canister. Additionally, you will need a bucket filled with scalding water and laundry or dishwashing liquid.”

Once all these items have been procured, House Cleaners can then proceed to thoroughly clean and disinfect mattresses.

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