Effective domestic cleaning can tackle bed bugs

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Effective domestic cleaning can tackle bed bugs

A US hospital has discovered the problem of not tackling the causes of bed bugs by ensuring washing & ironing standards are maintained.

The Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines was forced to limit access to its psychiatric unit for a number of days after a bed bug infestation was discovered in two patient rooms.

Officials confirmed that it initially hired a contract cleaning and pest control company to remove the bugs from the rooms and those adjacent.

However, this was not successful as more bed bugs were found in another room so the decision as taking to close down a significant part of the unit and conduct a thorough spraying of the rooms and hallways.

Vincent Mandracchia, Broadlawns’ chief medical officer, told the Associated Press :”None of our patients in the unit were compromised in their care.

“We just couldn’t admit any other patients into those rooms until they were completely clear.”

Experts in the US are predicting there could be a rise in bed bugs during the summer this year so people doing a spot of Domestic Cleaning may want to take extra care when washing & ironing their bedding and clothes as well as carrying out regular upholstery cleaning. 

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