Eco-friendly products

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Eco-friendly products

Companies have been advised to ensure that they carry out their Office Cleaning using environmentally-friendly products.

According to green solutions company Taiga, which helps businesses improve their sustainability, using eco-friendly cleaning products can help firms improve indoor air quality, which can contribute to increased health and worker productivity.

The firm stressed that most cleaning products available on the market are made from petroleum and toxic solutions that pose significant risks to health and the environment and should be avoided if possible.

London commercial cleaning companies on the other hand offer a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are designed to eliminate tough stains with minimal harmful effects on the environment and on household pets.

Taiga also pointed out that sustainable businesses using green cleaning products will be able to see a number of concrete and intangible corporate benefits such as reduced healthcare costs, enhanced recruitment, retention of healthy employees and reduced employee absenteeism.

Local interactive portal About by Area recently advised against the use of toxic cleaning solutions, as they can cause irritation and can be absorbed into the skin causing serious damage to health.

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