Eco cleaners

 Eco cleaners

Certain eco-friendly Window Cleaners can help to give glass a sparkling and smudge-free finish, an expert has highlighted.

Eco organisation Wikaniko has highlighted some products that are available to consumers to help keep their windows sparkling.

In an article for About My Area, a representative from the organisation noted that two products in particular have stood out as being effective in tackling dirty windows.

For tougher stains or for dealing with hard-to-reach windows, a London cleaning agency may be ideally situated to help with the window cleaning tasks.

White vinegar “is a really good glass cleaner for windows, mirrors and glass shelves or cupboard doors,” the expert stated.

Using this product can leave glass with a sparkly finish and it effectively removes all the dirt, the expert said.

Another effective cleaner is the Bid-D Glass and Mirror Cleaner, the expert said, noting that it leaves windows clean and shiny and also proves effective and restoring a shine to frequently-used cupboard doors in the kitchen and to wardrobe doors.

Last month, the EcoWaste Coalition urged residents to use natural cleaners when tackling household cleaning tasks so to reduce the impact on the environment.

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