Domestic cleaning sector’s image is improving

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Domestic cleaning

There are numerous job opportunities within the Domestic Cleaning sector, a report states.

An article in the Daily Mirror states that the sector’s image is improving, with more businesses realising that cleaning has a key role to play in commercial success.

Andrew Large of the Cleaning and Support Services Association told the paper: “Cleaning is an important part of customer service and in today’s competitive marketplace is also a key area for businesses such as hotels and restaurants.”

He added that it has a key role to play in helping to create a “safe and comfortable” working environment, which may offer productivity returns.

Mr Large noted that while the work may not have been seen as a glamorous job in the past, this image has “definitely changed” in recent years.

And the work can fit around different lifestyles, the report claimed, noting that working hours can in some instances be flexible, allowing a range of different opportunities.

Earlier this week the prime minister defended his use of a domestic cleaning service, saying that it was a legitimate expense and that he felt as if he’d been accused of paying his cleaner too much.

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