Domestic cleaning on a regular basis

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Domestic cleaning

An expert has urged householders to make sure they carry out their Domestic Cleaning on a regular basis.

Home building and remodelling specialist Rosie Romero advised homeowners to vacuum clean their carpeted floors every other day to rid the home of dirt, hair, dust and bugs that may have accumulated under carpet fibres.

Writing in AZ Central, she suggested that home owners should consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, which ensures that allergens and pollutants sucked up will not be blown back into the air.

Better yet, professional house cleaners can be called upon to deal with hygiene problems that homeowners are unable to deal with themselves.

“Call a carpet-cleaning pro once a year for a deep-cleaning extraction of particles that might be lingering in the pile,” Ms Romero commented.

She also highlighted the benefits of natural domestic cleaning substances: “Grandma had it right – she used white vinegar to make her windows sparkle and added a drizzle of water to baking soda to make a slightly abrasive paste for scrubbing pots and pans, sinks and bathtubs.”

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