Domestic cleaning London: Toilets not clean enough

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Domestic cleaning London: Toilets not clean enough

People in Britain, and particularly London, need to carry out toilet domestic cleaning more frequently, a new survey has found.

According to a poll, just 22 per cent of people clean their toilet everyday – the recommended amount, while six per cent only bother to wipe the bowl when it is visibly dirty.

The study was commissioned by charity Toilet Twinning, which works to improve sanitation and prevent disease in some of the world’s poorest communities.

People in Scotland clean their toilets most regularly, with 27 per cent giving it a daily scrub, while Londoners are the least concerned about loo hygiene, with just 19 per cent cleaning the toilet everyday.

“In the average household of two adults, two children, with one bathroom, the toilet should be cleaned once per day,” said Kim Woodburn, presenter of Channel 4’s How Clean Is Your House?

“It takes two minutes. Little and often will keep it spotless and there will be no build up of odours or bacteria.”

It follows the recent opening of the Household Academy, a school dedicated to teaching people how to carry out household chores, such as Domestic Cleaning, washing and ironing.

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