Domestic cleaning London: Shark cleaner leaves dry floors

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Domestic cleaning London: Shark cleaner leaves dry floors

Floors will be left instantly dry by JML’s new Shark steam pocket mop, claims the company, likening it to “dry cleaning” for floors.

Steam cleaners use high pressure steam to lift dirt, grease, bacteria and dust mites from surfaces, removing the need for buckets of water and cleaning solutions. As well as steam mops, you can buy general-purpose Steam Cleaners to use on carpets, upholstery and windows.

The Shark mop maintains a continuous flow of steam though its head in order to avoid condensation build up which could lead to wet floors.

For ease of use, the £99.99 JML mop can swivel to allow both sides to be used. The manufacturers claim that it kills 99 per cent of bacteria on contact.

JML have been in business for over 40 years and is a popular global brand, operating in a diverse range of markets, including the Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. 

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