Domestic cleaning London: How to clean up candle wax

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Domestic cleaning London: How to clean up candle wax

With the cold winter nights, many homeowners may be tempted to light some candles for warmth and atmosphere but cleaning up the leftover wax can be a problems.

According to the Guardian, it can be removed fairly easily and without too much hassle.

Cleaning expert Stephanie Zia explains that candle wax that has dripped on to fabric can be removed by putting the item in a freezer so that the wax becomes frozen and can therefore be easily picked off.

Another option for upholstery items that have candle wax on them but cannot be put in the freezer is to lay brown wrapping paper over the stain and heat it up with an electric iron via a towel so that the wax is absorbed by the paper.

However, Ms Zia warns this could leave a greasy mark or a dye stain if it is a coloured candle.

She added: “Clear up the greasy residue with neat washing-up liquid and rinse well. If that doesn’t work, put WD-40 (or methylated spirits) on a white absorbent cloth and dab it with that, then clean off with washing-up liquid and rinse thoroughly.”

For possible dye stains that a paste of biological washing powder left for 30 minutes should work.

Firefighters in a number of forces across the UK have warned homeowners about the dangers of leaving unattended candles burning following a spat of house fires.

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