Domestic cleaning London: Domestic cleaning can help burn calories

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Domestic cleaning London: Domestic cleaning can help burn calories

Domestic Cleaning can be used as a convenient way to burn excess calories, it has been suggested.

According to a new study from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in the US, people who have tidy homes tend to be more active, reports Fitness magazine.

Indeed, lead study author Nicole Keith told the news provider that common household chores can burn a surprising number of calories.

For example, vacuuming uses up around 244 calories an hour and sweeping will burn off 211 calories an hour.

Dusting (467 calories and hour) and doing laundry (128 calories an hour) can also count as good exercise.

Meanwhile, homeowners have been advised to carry out domestic cleaning as they prepare for Christmas.

Speaking to the Sun News, Pamela Turner, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension housing specialist, said that more cleaning is needed during the period due to the greater number of visitors.

She also suggests people who suffer from allergies should clean decorations before using them as dust and mould can gather while they are in storage.

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