Domestic cleaning in just one hour

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Domestic cleaning in just one hour

House Cleaning need not be the frustrating and time-consuming task it is usually believed to be.

Although the mere thought of tackling a mountain of clutter can seem daunting, all that are needed are just a few golden tips and domestic cleaning will be a breeze and can actually be enjoyed.

DC Stewart, of, gives a few essential tips householders should take heed of so they are not ambushed at home by guests when their residences are not in their best condition.

Starting from the bathroom, homeowners are urged to turn hanging towels over and pop rugs into the dryer if they are already relatively clean.

Surfaces can be given a quick rub down with a paper towel using a good cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Moving on to the living room, sofas and chairs should be fluffed and cushions straightened, while stray toys should be rounded up and properly stored away in their containers.

In the kitchen, empty dishes should be drained and placed into cabinets, while dirty ones should be stored either in the sink or in the dish washer. Also, kitchen towels can be flipped over instead of being replaced in order to save some time.

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