Domestic cleaning enthusiasts warned about flushing products

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Domestic cleaning enthusiasts warned about flushing products

People who use items such as baby wipes to conduct their domestic cleaning have been warned not to flush them down the toilet.

United Utilities has issued the advice, as sewage pumps are becoming blocked by household items, causing flooding in some areas.

Many homeowners find the wipes an efficient way of undertaking Upholstery Cleaning and a number of products do not state that it is unwise to dispose of these via the lavatory.

This has caused bosses at the water board to implore manufacturers to label their items more accurately so consumers know of the best ways to throw wipes away once they have been used.

United Utilities regional wastewater network manager Mike Wood said cleaning wipes were “the bane of our sewer engineers lives”.

“It’s no wonder our customers are confused. We’re calling on manufacturers and retailers to ensure these products are labelled clearly and correctly, to avoid the mess, expense and environmental damage of sewer flooding,” he declared.

The firm conducted a study, which found that many products contained “missing or misleading” advice on their packaging.

Today (May 26th 2011), United Utilities has announced it has met its leakage targets for the fourth consecutive year.

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