Domestic cleaning can help burn calories

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Domestic cleaning can help burn calories

Doing some household chores could be an ideal way to burn off some calories, claims new research.

A study conducted by cleaning product firm Vileda showed that just a few hours a week could help to lessen the guilt of that extra chocolate bar.

Hoovering for 30 minutes could work off 150 calories, while mopping for an hour could burn off as many as 238 calories, even doing the washing-up could for just ten minutes could make a difference with 20 calories being spent.

Ironing could also help to tone up upper arms, with an hour of pressing helping to burn up to 130 calories – equal to nearly half of a sausage roll.

For those that would rather burn calories down a gym then hiring a domestic cleaner to visit regularly could be a better option.

Hollywood star Helena Bonham Carter recently told the Radio Times that Domestic Cleaning can offer therapeutic benefits.

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