Domestic cleaning

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Domestic cleaning

Domestic Cleaning can help to shake off the last remnants of winter and give a home a fresh new smell heading into spring, one expert has noted.

Heather Solos, author of the advice book Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living, told the Poughkeepsie Journal that having the windows sealed tight throughout the winter months often leads to bad smells being harboured as stale air is unable to escape.

Therefore, it is always best to carry out a domestic cleaning operation ahead of the warmer months, particularly in the kitchen.

Ms Solos explained: “When food is cooked, some of the molecules are aerosolised and float through a home. These odour-carrying molecules cling to many surfaces, creating a sticky film that can also act as an odour magnet.”

Last week, How Clean Is Your House? domestic cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie warned people they need to ensure they carry out an effective one-off spring clean to help tackle a number of problems throughout the home and eliminate bad smells.

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