Domestic cleaners given top window cleaning tips

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Domestic cleaners given top window cleaning tips

Domestic cleaners have been given top tips about how they can keep their windows in sparkling condition.

According to advice from online resource Helium, there is a wide range of common household products that can be used to keep windows dirt-free, such as ordinary washing up liquid and vinegar.

These two liquids can be simply diluted with water in two separate spray bottles and used to clean indoor and outdoor windows for a brilliant and gleaming finish.

The online resource pointed out that washing up liquid tends to cut through tough grease and dirt stains, making it ideal for cleaning household glass as well as dishes.

Washing up liquid is also friendlier to the environment, as it is free from toxic chemicals and substances.

“Spray your window with the dish liquid cleaning solution, [then] wash your windows using a circular motion,” Helium advised.

“Big circles [are] for the larger and generally much cleaner area and tiny circles for messier or tight corner areas.”

House Cleaners can also use natural substances such as lemon juice to cut through dirt on windows and hard surfaces.

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