Daimer launches new eco cleaner

By January 21, 2010Articles

Daimer Industries has launched a new environmentally-friendly cleaner designed for floor surfaces. The Eco-Green Multi-purpose Hard Surface Cleaner makes use of a soy-based formula which is especially effective for cleaning non-porous hard surfaces.

Daimer said the biodegradable cleaning solution can be used to clean the inside of a car, as well as home and office floor surfaces.

Matthew Baratta, spokesperson for Daimer, said: “Our Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner is effective and safe for use in auto detailing operations concerned with the health of their employees and the environment. “Like our other green chemicals, this cleaning compound relies on a patented cleaning technology.”

Daimer’s product features Micro-Blasting technology, which uses nano-sized particles to break up grease, dirt and oils and other stains without having to resort to dangerous solvents. The product is aimed at cleaning companies who want to reduce the negative impact on the environment, as well as domestic cleaners who are committed to eco-friendly principles.

Daimer recently launched a vacuum steam cleaner designed to help remove stubborn carpet stains. For a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning treatment, please contact your local cleaning agency.

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