Daimer improves functionality of carpet cleaning line

By November 17, 2009Articles

Daimer has announced that it has increased the performance of eight of its top-selling carpet cleaners. The leading exporter of carpet cleaners and green chemicals said the pressure levels of its models have been increased to a maximum of 150 pounds per square inch (psi), which will enable domestic cleaners and house cleaners to remove troublesome stains from carpets with minimal effort. The carpet cleaners which have been upgraded are the XPH models 5800T, 5800TU, 5900i and 5900IU, which have been increased to 100 psi and the 9300 and 9300U, which have been upped to 150 psi. The unheated XPC 9200 and 9200U carpet cleaners have also been increased to 150 psi.

Daimer’s carpet cleaners with a “U” designation include a special suction head for upholstery and auto detailing. They also feature a smaller upholstery/auto detailing wand for cleaning tight spaces.

Matthew Baratta, manager of carpet cleaners at Daimer.com, said: “Our goal was to offer more power than our competitors at modest prices.

“Whether a customer needs to clean a residence, business or vehicle, we’ve got a carpet cleaning machine for them.”

Carpet maker Victoria Carpets, recently reported that rugs continue to remain popular with homeowners, which could translate into a boost in business for upholstery cleaners.

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