Daimer commercial cleaning machine comes up trumps in lab tests

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Daimer commercial cleaning machine comes up trumps in lab tests

Daimer Industries’ KleenJet 5000CVP Commercial Cleaning machine has been given top ranking for its antibacterial technology.

The steam cleaning machine received top marks in laboratory testing with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria, which resists a broad range of antibiotic treatments.

KleenJet 5000CVP makes use of Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization (ATIS) technology, which is a disinfection system fitted into around 100 models of Daimer’s KleenJet cleaning machines.

Daimer said that in the MRSA tests, an established laboratory found that ATIS-style steam cleaners eliminated 99 per cent of the bacterium, while in earlier tests on ATIS technology, the steam cleaner was found to be effective on a range of dangerous microorganisms, ranging from bacteria to mould.

According to Daimer, the 5000CVP steam cleaner is an advanced 3000-watt machine that can produce pressure levels peaking at 120 psi and temperatures of up to 329 degrees Fahrenheit.

Matthew Baratta, spokesperson for Daimer Industries, said: “The new test results illustrate the germ-destroying power of ATIS steam cleaner machines, like the 5000CVP. The unique technology produces one of the highest grades for germ killing among steam cleaners sold today.”

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