Council uses cleaning services after fly-tipping

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Council uses cleaning services after fly-tipping

A local council has had to repeatedly call in Cleaning Services in order to remove rubbish left by fly-tippers.

South Tyneside Council has highlighted the high frequency of illegal fly-tipping in the area, particularly at Hebburn Riverside Park.

Rubbish, including industrial waste, is often found here and council attempts to prevent the practice have failed, meaning it often has to use cleaning services.

“I have called out council staff countless times to deal with fly-tipping at the riverside area, but it’s still a big problem,” Cllr Joe Abbott told the Shields Gazette.

“The council has put up fencing at Waterside Park, a residential area near Hebburn riverside, to prevent fly-tipping, but people just dumped rubbish near the fence.

“I would like to see stiffer penalties for fly-tipping, which appears to be a constant problem.”

Meanwhile, The Campaign to Protect Rural England recently launched its Stop the Drop campaign, to help combat fly-tipping.

The organisation estimates that a fly-tipping incident occurs every 12 seconds, costing the public purse £72 a minute.

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