Contract cleaning bill for street litter topped £850m last year

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Contract cleaning bill for street litter topped £850m last year

The cost of contract cleaning services hired to clear litter away from England’s streets reached more than £850 million last year alone, new figures reveal.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, local authorities spent the record amount to clear away two million pieces of rubbish every day on the nation’s streets in 2009.

The amount spent for contract cleaners hired to improve the cleanliness of streets, verges and parks rose by ten per cent – an increase of £78 million on the previous year.

The total cost to the UK as a whole, when the bills for the private sector and clearing roads is accounted for, is thought to be even higher.

Anti-litter campaigners have criticised the amount of money spent on cleaning as obscene and excessive.

Phil Barton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: “There seems to be an attitude of ‘it’s only one cigarette end’ or ‘it’s only one burger wrapper’.

“We all complain when we see what is perceived to be wasteful spending in organisations and institutions and yet we, as a country, seem to be quite happy to throw litter and consequently money away.”

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