Consumer Reports gives spring cleaning top tips

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Consumer Reports gives spring cleaning top tips

As householders gear up for the annual spring cleaning season, Consumer Reports has unveiled a number of top tips.

The publication advised cleaners to make sure they conduct all their spring cleaning using a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner, as this has a high likelihood of removing dust and dirt effectively.

Alternatively, cleaners can make use of a mild liquid dish detergent unless the care information stipulates otherwise.

When it comes to cleaning ceiling fans, Consumer Reports recommended the use of U-shaped brushes, as these fit perfectly inside the “U” so both sides of the blade are thoroughly cleaned simultaneously.

Cleaners were advised to take their spring cleaning seriously and dive in head first instead of merely doing things by half measures.

Pat Slaven, programme leader for Consumer Reports, said: “Most people change the sheets, flip the mattress and vacuum the baseboards, but spring cleaning can be taken a step further to a deep clean.”

She added that the spring cleaning season is the perfect time for people to organise their home in preparation for the coming year.

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