Commercial cleaning tips on how to cover the most important sections in the office

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Although there are many different types of businesses and office buildings, there are three main divisions of commercial cleaning that you might expect companies to want maintained. These are all areas that should be cleaned well in order to promote employee comfort and morale, as well as providing a welcoming environment for customers. By following these commercial cleaning tips, you will understand the most important sections to clean
in an office.

The most obvious area is the office space and public waiting areas. The task of first and foremost importance in these areas is dusting. By keeping the area free of dust and cobwebs, you create a clean yet lived-in feeling. While you are dusting, make sure to pay special attention to the tops of computers which accumulate a lot of dust because they aren’t often touched. Also, carefully dust monitors and clean desktops. It is important not to move any documents or personal items so as not to disturb the normal organization of the employee’s business. You should finish dusting, cleaning and emptying trash cans before vacuuming or mopping.

The second, but equally important place to clean is the kitchen and bathrooms. Although these areas don’t directly relate to the work performed in the office, it directly affects the morale of employees. First, spray disinfectant into the toilet or urinals and dust bathrooms from the top to the bottom. Wipe down sinks and countertops and check all soap and toilet paper dispensers. Replace and refill dispensers as necessary. Then use a brush to clean toilets and urinals and dispose of garbage. Finally clean mirrors and sweep and mop floors. When the bathrooms are finished, move on to the kitchen. The most important areas in office kitchens are tabletops, counters, and microwaves. Be sure to disinfect and clean these areas before removing trash, sweeping, and mopping.

Because floors are the last step in any commercial cleaning project, it is a great idea to do them all at the same time. Vacuuming is generally done successfully by hand using whatever vacuum is available, whereas the cleaning and buffing of hard floors often requires more specialized equipment. By using a floor buffing machine, shoe scuffs are quickly and easily buffed out of hard floors. This is something that should be done often, perhaps several times a week. Carpets should also be cleaned at least once a year and as often as quarterly in some businesses.
By doing commercial cleaning often and using these tips as a guide, the most essential areas of the business will be given the proper attention. If you find these tips too complicated then you have to leave it to the expert commercial cleaners London. It is comparatively simple for a commerce atmosphere to get unclean on an everyday basis. With people walking in and out all the time, a lot of dirt from their feet can get left behind. Whether a business employs hundreds of people or a few employees, the need for Commercial Cleaning London is quite significant.

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