Commercial cleaning professional gives essential cleaning tips

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Commercial cleaning professional gives essential cleaning tips

A Commercial Cleaning professional has given top tips to consumers taking their clothing to be washed at dry cleaners or laundrettes.

Syed Mehdi advised consumers not to allow food stains to dry up on garments for too long, as this can make the stains much harder to remove.

Speaking to Dallas News, the former cricket player explained that when eating meals at restaurants or fast food outlets, consumers should wipe stains gently with plain water so marks do not stay.

“But with stains that spread, like ink and blood – always get to the cleaner as fast as you can,” Mr Mehdi said.

When it comes to general care, customers were urged not to leave it too long before they take their clothers to the cleaners otherwise stains could be a lot more difficult to remove.

“The collar stains on men’s white shirts are the worst,” Mr Mehdi said. “Don’t wear one more than twice!”

He also stressed the importance of unbuttoning clothes and emptying pockets, as this makes a commercial cleaning professional’s job much easier.

Mr Mehdi revealed that on one occasion, he cut his thumb on a hidden razor blade that was forgotten in a garment pocket.

A recent survey by Credant Technologies found that around 4,500 objects were left behind in clothing taken to dry cleaners over the past few months.

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