Commercial cleaning fluid spill sparks Luton Airport evacuation

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Commercial cleaning fluid spill sparks Luton Airport evacuation

Luton Airport was evacuated at the weekend after Commercial Cleaning fluid spills sparked safety concerns.

The spill caused a security alert after baggage staff noticed a leak from a passenger’s luggage, prompting officials to evacuate thousands of travellers from the Bedfordshire terminal at 9.15am.

A Monarch Airlines flight to Faro in Portugal was also grounded, as staff feared the commercial cleaning fluid might have contaminated other bags being loaded onto the plane.

Check-in later resumed just before midday after police arrested a Polish man for trying to take an illegal substance onto the plane.

“Just after 9.15am, an unknown substance was spilled in the baggage area of the airport,” a spokesperson for Luton Airport said.

“As a result, the area terminal was evacuated while authorities dealt with the substance. Check in was also suspended. There will be delays to flights but passengers should arrive as normal.”

A spokesman for Bedfordshire police said the incident is not thought to be a terrorist threat at this stage. The fluid has been sent off to experts for analysis.

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