Commercial cleaning firms

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Commercial cleaning firms

Commercial Cleaning companies have been urged to take full responsibility for their staff’s health and safety.

According to industry expert Brad Staines, health and safety regulations are often ridiculed or ignored as unnecessary red tape, but they should be taken much more seriously.

Writing in About My Area, he stressed that the responsibility lies with commercial cleaning companies to ensure that health and safety regulations are properly adhered to.

“All commercial cleaning companies should have employees that are thoroughly trained in the use of specialist cleaning equipment, products and materials,” Mr Staines commented.

“This could include using abseiling specialists for high rise cleaning or the distribution of gloves for cleaners using certain cleaning products.”

Mr Staines added that the cleaning company supervisor should also liaise with clients to explain any risks that could potentially be involved.

Additionally, all house cleaning equipment, whether it be water fed poles or domestic cleaning products, should be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are in full working order and do not pose a health and safety risk to those using them or those who may come in contact with them.

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